Mountain Sisters Treks and Expeditions
is the initiative of Nanda Kulu, founder of the Mitrata-Nepal Home for Children in Kathmandu. Having experienced a childhood of poverty and hardship, she has dedicated her adult life to providing care to underprivileged children through the deeds of her foundation. Mountain Sisters was established as a way to supplement these efforts - proceeds go directly to supporting the sons and daughters of the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation.


Since the establishment of the Mitrata-Nepal home for children in 2000, Nanda has been funding the organization through sales of traditional Nepalese instruments and singing bowls in her Thamel shop, and through the support of international donors. The desire to increase funding for the Mitrata-Nepal foundation through business conducted within Nepal was what spawned the idea to establish a trekking company, which would in turn create jobs for Nepalese people and opportunities for the children of the Mitrata home. 


Mountain Sisters is unique in offering visitors a chance to experience Nepal from two very different viewpoints. Visiting our Kathmandu orphanage and meeting the children who have been aided by our foundation, and from the proceeds of your travels with us, is a unique opportunity to peer into some of the often overlooked realities in Nepal realities which you may be uplifted to know you can positively effect. Complementing your trekking adventures in Nepal with this kind of experience is a great way to assure a very engaging and fulfilling holiday. 


Mountain Sisters arranges trekking packages which include optional days spent volunteering at the Mitrata-Nepal home in Kathmandu before or after your journey. This arrangement provides travelers with an intimate view into the lives of these orphans, and provides the orphans opportunities to develop knowledge through social interaction - knowledge which instills in them values influencing positive decisions regarding career paths and higher education.